How is Your Digital Dependence Impacting Your Mental Health?

How is Your Digital Dependence Impacting Your Mental Health

In the current world internet has become more essential of our lives. Be it education, work, entertainment, social media, business and many more have become digitized today. As this scenario is taking over us, have you ever thought how is your How is Your Digital Dependence Impacting Your Mental Health? Be it physically or mentally. In this article we aim on creating awareness on the impact of digital dependence on your mental health.


As we all know, digital dependence has grown over time and it needs hours. Even though, we believe that digital dependence has its adverse effects mainly on our mental health. It also has different platforms such as dependence on phone, social media, gaming, OTT and so on.

Since the user base is growing vigorously one has to keep in mind that, how does it impact the mental health in different norms.

Impact of digital dependence on our day-to-day life

It is as simple as to say internet is an addiction for many people in the present world. Sometimes this dependence may stop daily functioning of an individual. Since it can occur over a period of time, one should understand with the increased usage of internet and the need to stay entertained, they should not forget the effect which causes due to more usage of digital or electronic devices.

Hints to understand digital dependence:

1. You prefer to spend time with your devices than with your friends and family

You usually skip social events and gather only to spend more time on gadgets

2. Lack of Physical activities

Once you get into the virtual world you’ll lose interest in the physical activities as it may addict you to the different level

3. You’ll defend yourself when confronted about increased online activities

One may deny the fact that they have been using internet too much. They may become very aggressive when questioned about this which may result in anger out bursts.

4. Start connecting everything to the virtual world

The individual may connect everything to the virtual world like social life, work or gaming, which may find easier to fall back on to the virtual world.

5. Anxiety increases when you are away from the devices

In certain circumstances like loss of connectivity your anger and frustration may trigger.

What is the impact of digital dependence on mental health?

1. In differences and Trolling

By reading too much of negative content and reviews it creates an in differences between the users and gets more addicted on one’s topic. This negativity creates a huge impact on your thoughts and mind balances which also leads lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

2. Approval seeking and Social Media

In today’s world most of them use social media for information and socialization. Since the relevancy and popularity is in need, this can affect our self-confidence and self-esteem.

3. Phantom phone notifications

If an individual feels an urge to constantly check their notification that impacts their concentration and also on their mood which is known as phantom phone notification.

4. Insomnia

Usage of electronic devices at night for a long period of time causes sleep disorders which is known as insomnia. This affects ability to focus, lack of sleep and also leads to change in sleep cycle.

5. Procrastination

Procrastination leads to engage in online activities which may take precedence over day-to-day responsibilities. This may burden and pressurize a lot that may cause stress and anxiety.

What is the impact of digital dependence on physical health?

Eye issues

Your eyes will be in state of trouble when there is a prolonged usage of electronic devices and other gadgets. This causes red eyes, blurry eyes, and dry eyes and sometimes it may infect your eyes. One may also experience frequent headaches.

Wrist irritation

Sometimes you may experience numbness, tingling or weakness in your hand this is also called as carpal tunnel syndrome. This happens when there is a restless work of typing and wrist movements. This occurs when your hands are lower than your wrists.

Weight Gain

Digital dependence always attracts you to sit at one place and engages you to a sedentary lifestyle. This causes lack of physical activities which leads weight gain. If not taken care this may lead you to cardio vascular diseases, obesity and other health issues.


Sitting in the same position for a long period can cause back pain, neck pain. In severe cases this may even affect your spine and weaken your bones. Prolonged usage of cell phone can lead to a condition called sustained forward neck posture.

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