Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Food

Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Food

Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Food You Must Try at Least Once

Food is the most important asset that each and every creature in the world crave for. When come to human beings, we always earn for the food. In this article we at help you to explore the Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Food that love to eat.

Dal Tadka

Dal is the Hindi term for ‘lentils’ Tadka is the Hindi term for ‘tempering’ and is the commonly cooking technique in the Indian cuisine. Dal Tadka is a popular Indian lentil dish made with masoor dal or arhal dal which gives you a delicious creamy dal with smoked flavors. There are two versions of Dal Tadka :
Home style Dal Tadka – Made in the Instant Pot
Restaurant style Dal Tadka – Made on Stovetop with an optional smoking method.

Both the versions excel in their taste and you can make either one of them as per your preference.

Mysore Masala Dosa

Mysore Masala Dosa is one of the famous food you’ll get in the state of Karnataka. This dish is rich in deliciousness and also for its crispiness. This dish is a well-travelled across India and is most loved for its delicate and exquisite flavours.

It is quite similar to regular dosa but with a twist of red fiery chutney. This is a finger licking dish which will not satisfy you for trying it only once.

Egg plant Curry

Eggplant curry is a traditional brinjal curry which is one of the famous dish you’ll get in the state of Andhra Pradesh. People who love spicy food should definitely taste this curry at least once. Many vegetable curries has its own deliciousness in this state brinjal curry is one among them.

Eggplant or brinjal curry is served with rice which is cooked with exotic spices. Deep fried brinjal, simmered in rich, thick curry is served with steamed rice.

Mushroom Biriyani

Biriyani made of Mushrooms is one of the spicy biriyani available in vegetarian dishes. Chettinad Mushroom Biriyani is a famous food in Tamil nadu. This dish can be prepared with or without oil. The one with oil will add extra taste and crispiness to the dish.

Green chilies, red chilies, garam masala powder, ginger garlic paste, black peppers are the key ingredients to the dish which attracts you the most. Accompany this with curd / yogurt or try tasty kachumber.

Mangalore Buns

Mangalore Buns are sweet fried bread served as breakfast which is found in South Karnataka. It is made up of mashed bananas, flour, sugar, and spiced with cumin.

They are sweet buns which is rich in its taste served with green chutney or vegetable curry. They are traditionally made with all-purpose flour. You would love to try this again and again once you taste it.

Mattar Paneer

Mattar paneer is a famous North Indian dish you’ll most likely find in the state of Punjab. It is made with paneer cheese with peas in a garam masala spiced tomato sauce. It looks rich and thick which is widely available throughout India.

This dish is better for either lunch or dinner.This dish is served with rice or Indian flat breads such as roti, naan, kulcha or paratha. Corn, yogurt or cream can be added as thickeners. Garnish with freshly chopped coriander or mint leaves which gives a refreshing flavour.

Vada Pav

Vada Pav is one of the Top 10 Indian Vegetarian Food and also a street side food available abundantly in the state of Mumbai. This is one of the famous food in Mumbai. Vada pav is stuffed with fried mashed and sppiced potato fritters. It is also a popular snack which is found all over Maharashtra.

It is one of the humble street food in Mumbai, people would love to enjoy their evening snack or sometimes a dinner with a delicious Vada pav.

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Appam is one of the famous and healthy breakfast you’ll get in the state of Kerala. They are tasty soft hoppers made from a ground, fermented rice and coconut batter. It is also known as palappam. It is a popular breakfast in Kerala served with vegetable stew.

They are gluten free and vegan as well. Appam can also be served with potato stew, kadala (chickpea ) curry, vegetable koorma, coconut chutney or sweetened milk. It tastes great with these dishes.

Sattu Paratha

Sattu paratha is a famous dish in the state of Bihar. People love to have it regularly. This dish is rich in its nutrients. Sattu is full of fibre and has essential proteins thus makes a healthy breakfast dish. This can be served with vegetable curry or even pickles.

Since it has much nutrients and also rich in protein it keeps you healthier especially in providing strength to your body.

Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma is a traditional food of Rajasthan which is rich in its ingredients and taste. It is a combination of Crisp Balls dipped in ghee. Panchkuti dal with churma as a sweet dish is loved by all.

The aroma of ghee and flavors of dal tempts to eat just by looking it. This dish is a must try recipe which is absolutely delicious.

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